Cycle 1, Episode 3: “The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room”

Peter Jones
5 min readMar 29, 2021

We’ve made it to the third episode and thank Oprah, it’s makeover week.

America’s Next Top Model has forever messed up my view of haircuts because I always want a makeover. For years, I would go to the barber or salon prepared with rough ideas of what I wanted but secretly hoping the stylist would do something drastic to elevate my model potential.

Realistically, this has only happened once. When I was in high school, my former babysitter gave me her credit card and told her salon to give me the full experience… and I felt every inch of that haircut.

Outside of that, I’ve gotten a lot of boring haircuts and now I can more easily walk away saying, “welp, you cut it” and go on with my life.

This week on ANTM Cycle 1, we’re introduced to Jay Manuel for the first time. He’s got some darkass hair, not his signature extra frosted tips.

Tyra tells everyone what they’re getting done. Basically extensions and weaves for all!

Getting pretty isn’t always pretty

There is so much foreshadowing this episode because WE KNOW Nicole is going to get eliminated. To start, she just got $1500 worth of extensions (and that’s what they look like?!). She has reservations about getting them taken out for her makeover.

“Your stimulus check couldn’t afford these”

Apparently, she complained enough they didn’t do the full makeover. It looks like they just straightened her crunchy curls.

Gisele became the first person to cry after her not-that-extreme makeover. It looks like they added some highlights and blew it out.

Also, let’s talk about the touch of racism in Ebony’s haircut/trim. A bunch of white women swarming around without the right clippers, and Ebony (deservedly) didn’t like how they were having a…