Cycle 3, Episode 6: “The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies”

Peter Jones
5 min readJan 10

Kelle is still getting terrible photos and still crying about it.

Cassie’s fine both with being a loner and talking about her disordered eating. But she doesn’t think she has an eating disorder.

Tyra brings in plus size model Kate Dillon to speak about size limitations in the modeling industry and the importance of having a positive relationship with your body.

I really love this pic of Kate modeling.

Also present at this Tyra lesson is a super thin woman who is supposed to teach the models about being healthy.

Cassie talks to the trio about how she’s made herself throw up in the past. Then she freaks out to her boyfriend that now Tyra knows she has an eating disorder. So why did you bring it up, Cassie? I hate that Cassie struggles with her body image, but I also hate her being on the show. IMHO Tyra should have eliminated Cassie upon finding this out to set the example that she won’t condone unhealthy habits to stay thin. It’s 2004 though, so the producers make every serious issue a fun storyline!

Ann and Eva are tired of the dirty house. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is Cassie’s dirty brownie pan. This gives them the idea to carve the words “CLEAN YOUR SHIT” into the brownies.

All the contestants go to dinner together, and a verbal altercation breaks out. Mother Yaya is wearing a shirt that says “Respect” in Portuguese. She says there’s a lack of respect in the house because someone wrote in Cassie’s brownies. Ann fesses up claiming it was done as a joke. Cassie doesn’t think it’s funny. Ann gets defensive and yells about Cassie’s problematic eating. I’m over it.

Peter Jones

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