Cycle 5, Episode 10: “The Girl Who Retaliates”

Peter Jones
5 min readJan 3, 2024

Everyone is surprised Lisa was eliminated last week despite certain people (Kim) calling her ugly, old and an alcoholic.

The models get a Tyra Mail that says they will “find out the pecking order”. Many of the models don’t know what “pecking order” means.

Their challenge is to pose like statues in Regent’s Park while pigeons land on them.

Nicole cries because why not.

I can see why Nicole is getting on Bre’s nerves again.

Nik wins the posing-with-birds challenge, her first, and gets a $15,000 shopping spree at Harrods. She takes Bre and Jayla who each get some money too.

Bre, hanging out in a robe and panties, discovers that some of her granola bars are missing.

She assumes it was Nicole, so in retaliation, she pours Nicole’s unmarked energy drinks down the drain. They’re clearly Red Bulls.

Nicole then gets worked up because she’s missing two cans of Red Bull. The drama!

The theme for this week’s photoshoot is modern interpretations of classical artwork. It’s an ad for Olay and is shot by photographer Barry Lategan, who took the iconic photos of Twiggy that put her on the map.