Cycle 5, Episode 4: “The Girl Who Makes A Disclaimer”

Peter Jones
5 min readNov 10, 2023

Kim and Sarah made out in the limo before and now they’re glued at the hip. They like to smoke cigarettes and chill outside.

Kim says they were tipsy when they made out before … but Sarah’s only 18. Top Model producers, please explain to me how Sarah got her hands on that alcohol.

After we get deep into the possible house romance, Miss J gives the contestants a lesson on runway walking. He’s dressed for the part.

Kim and Sarah should have spent more time on their walks than on smooching and smoking because Miss J says they suck!

The next day, the models meet designer Sue Wong who specializes in great gowns.

For their challenge, they have to walk down a runway with a rotating panel at the end. Sue shouts out random somewhat problematic directions.

“You’re Scheherazade and you’re in Northern Africa.”

“You’re an exotic Mongolian princess.”

“You’re a beautiful Indian princess.”

“Just pretend you’re on the steppes of Central Asia someplace.”

It’s a shame because some of their outfits are so good!

Bre wins the challenge and gets to wear a pretty white dress to eat caviar with her friends.