Cycle 5, Episode 5: “The Girl Who Gets a Boob Job”

Peter Jones
5 min readNov 21, 2023

The models have gotten a single digital camera in the house to share. How sad is it that this is the only source of stimulation they’re allowed?

Some of them want to take a topless photo. Ok.

Kim looks like a goober at summer camp.

And this is the end of their digital camera time.

Lisa has been running her mouth about how she’s a fashion expert. She tries to give the other contestants pointers through her slurred speech BECAUSE she has a stockpile of booze and cigarettes in her room.

The models have a lesson with Mr. Jay and Twiggy on how to turn negatives into positives. Twiggy was much smaller and thinner than other models when she was coming up. But she became the “it girl”.