Cycle 5, Episode 7: “The Girls Who Are 1940s Pin-ups”

Peter Jones
5 min readDec 6, 2023

Nik and Jayla are still mad over who’s REALLY afraid of the dark and sleeps with a nightlight.

Tyra comes over to the model house to do an impromptu photoshoot. Her weapon of choice: a blob of Vaseline.

Tyra says she and her model friends sometimes do these shoots as a hobby. I usually just watch TV or do a puzzle.

These photos turn out better than the ones from the actual challenge this week.

Nicole and Nik look great.

Everyone else — not so much. Why are they blurry??

What’s my secret? Vaseline.

Nicole pulls a good joke while reading a Tyra Mail.

Jayla’s face

A reminder that Kim had a situation-ship thing with Sara a couple of weeks ago. Now, she seems to be “talking” more with Kyle.

Instead of Paris, the models go to bootcamp and do a military-style obstacle course that…