Cycle 5, Episode 9: “The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone’s Back”

Peter Jones
6 min readDec 23, 2023

It’s Kim. The girl who talks behind everyone’s back is Kim. But we’ll get there.

Although Tyra revealed that no one’s going home and they’re flying to London…the models don’t leave the country right away. Maybe Tyra had to renew her passport and was waiting for it to come in the mail.

Jenny Shimizu meets with the models in the LA house and she is hot!

Hello, Kim? Take notes here, honey.

Jenny Shimizu has one of the model stories I hate. She was working as a mechanic and someone asked her to model for Calvin Klein. This does not happen.

She also dated Angelina Jolie. Like, why can’t either of these things happen to me?

Butch, masculine, beautiful

A lot of this episode is spent trying to teach the models how to deal with paparazzi. It doesn’t come off as very useful or practical to me. But I’ve also never dealt with the pap. The models meet with Kevin Frazier, a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight who shares photos taken of them behind the scenes.