Cycle 5 Finale: “The Girl on the Cover”

Peter Jones
5 min readFeb 10, 2024

We’re down to the final three: Nicole, Bre and Nik.

And what a season it’s been! Stealing secrets! Peeing in diapers! Missing granola bars!

The three models meet with Mr. Jay for their CoverGirl photoshoot and commercial. And who else is there? Last cycle’s winner Naima.

For the commercial part, they’re with two male models dressed as knock-off members of the Beatles a la Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Bre struggles with her lines, and Nik is super nervous because she had a terrible time in the last commercial where she had to say her nightlight secret.

Nicole freezes up, so Jay has to feed her every line.

Uh oh

This is another rushed finale, so we go straight to the judging panel where the final three will be whittled down to two. We learn those two will walk in a Gharani Strok fashion show. So it makes sense that the guest judges are Vanya Strok and Nargess Gharani.

Bre’s smile looks a bit forced.

Nik gets told she did the best in the commercial, but her photo is also a bit cheese.

Everyone loves Nicole’s photo although she couldn’t remember her lines.